World Marrow Fund, is dedicated to helping people all over the world in need of a stem cell transplant.

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World Marrow Fund is the 501c3 arm of the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry and is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with Leukaemia, Anaemias and other blood diseases / disorders, to achieve positive outcomes while securing, the support needed to make that possible.


There are 39 million registered donors in worldwide registries. The likelihood of finding a match varies, from 77 percent in Caucasians, Latino 45 percent, Asians 40 percent, African descent 25 percent and Mixed 20 percent.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Why bone marrow donor diversity is needed

Mission Statement



a. World Marrow Fund Diversity Program, encourages individuals from underrepresented groups to go to their local registries and register as potential donors.

b. Patient care and support via the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry

c. Scholarships for the children of deceased patients

d. Orphanage in Suriname

e. Support people in need


Leadership Team

Our team have over 100 years combined experience, in the fields of Immunogenetics, Haematolology and Transfusion Medicine.

Arthur Dunk CHT(ACHI)
Dr. Ronald Charlton
Dr. Medhat Askar
Dr Gillian Wharfe
Dr. Kamille West-Mitchell

Gerda Dunk Scholarship Program

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